Oak veneer board Room Decoration

Oak veneer board Room Decoration

DateJanuary 2021
LocationShopnochura diabari, Uttara
ClientRajib Sir
CategoryHome Interior

Our client wanted a simple, not over design and low cost for this project. So we try to fulfill client needs with a border budget. Our expertise did it very carefully.

Our Solutions

We hold expertise in offering our clients a wide assortment of Home Interior design. We were designed to cater to the needs and requirements of the clients; on this site, a client interested in wooden color and wood environment furniture and decoration. So we use here OAK veneer board and Hang antique polish color.

Best Interior always uses top-class board and accessories. Here we use partex star Oak veneer board. All cabinet and furniture frames are made of 18mm Akhter gorjon plywood. You know they are the top brand in Bangladesh and have a high-quality product.

First I say about the main bedroom. We try to make a design base of room size and client wanted and closet, ample size cloth storage, and a dressing table. So we make a closet including a dressing table. This closet top size contains a big size cloth store, so our client stores huge cloth there. We also arranged needed all lighting solutions here.

Second, we describe the food wagon or say it food cabinet. For installation, we had a small area. We try to fit it in that space. Here we use plywood and veneer board. The color was docu paint and antique hand polish. There we used small mirror glasswork. If you use a mirror in a small area, it shows a large area for mirror glass. On the mirror front side, we used a wooden bit.

This flat kitchen area was also small. We Couldn’t order or luxurious design. We try to fulfill clients’ needs. This kitchen cabinet uses kitchen accessories like a dining plate shelf drawer knife and spoon tray.

We make a simple TV unit with a ceiling. Top ceiling, we use a CNC cutting design with light. TV use different style shelf and enamel pain color. TV unit bottom bracket contains two drawer units. This portion client busily uses for TV set-top box, dish receiver, CDS and DVDs.

On this site client wanted simple guest room decoration. So our solution was simple a closet with a reading table. Thus the guest uses it with comfort. 

Finally, talk about the baby room. We try to make a colorful room. Here is a reading table with a bookshelf and attractive Child-friendly wall painting.

You can visit our youtube video all for at a glass.