Apartment Renovation

Apartment Renovation

DateDecember 2015
LocationUttara, Dhaka
ValueTK 735,000
ClientVoyager Aviation Services Limited

When it comes to apartment renovation, it is our biggest challenge. However, this is what we love doing the most. This is because, there is so much one can do when it comes to the bigger scene. It’s about reconstructing. Turning old into new.

Our Solutions

Here, our customer’s collaboration is the thing that becomes possibly the most important factor. Our vision is to furnish our customers with what they’re looking for. From picking tiles, roof stylistic layout, furniture, divider craftsmanship – all completely tweaked. Our accomplished groups of architects are there to edify us about the amount we can remake inside the flat as wellbeing is dependably the need. Revamping can be of such a large number of sorts. Be that as it may, we attempt our best on being simultaneous with our customers and what they need.