Difference between regular glass and tempered glass

Every day, our employees work with standard glass, tempered glass, and other types of glass. Each type of glass is made to meet different needs in terms of solar control, decoration, security, soundproofing, and building design. In today’s blog post, we’ll talk about two types of glass: regular glass or float glass and tempered glass. How are they different?

The way standard glass or float glass and tempered glass are made is different. The annealing process used to make standard glass cools the glass very quickly. Standard glass is also popular because it can be reshaped. Normal glass can be cut, reshaped, polished on the edges, and have holes drilled in it without breaking or shattering. The glass is much more fragile when the annealing process is done quickly. Standard glass breaks into big pieces that aren’t all the same shape.

Tempered glass is about four times stronger than regular glass, and it is known for being safe. And, unlike regular glass, tempered glass breaks into small pieces that aren’t too dangerous. During the annealing process, the glass is slowly cooled down, which makes the glass much stronger. So, tempered glass is used in places where people’s safety is important. Car side and back windows, front and back doors, shower and tub enclosures, racquetball courts, patio furniture, microwave ovens, and skylights are all places where glass is used.

Best Interior work with a different type of glass as client requirement. There are many high-quality glass manufacturers In Bangladesh. They also make standard glass or float glass and tempered glass. Like Nasir glass, and PHP glass. Best Interior quality worker can work any type of thai and glass fabrication work. We work with standard glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, sandwich glass etc.

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